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Set Sail (Remastered)

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To The Hopeless makes honest music
about love, loss, religion,
and finding hope through it all.

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About To The Hopeless

To The Hopeless was started in 2007 with the goal of reaching out to people struggling with depression.

I grew up in church – a devout Christian – and it always felt like the emphasis was on displaying outward happiness, even if you weren’t feeling it, because the measure of your happiness was also looked at as the measure of your faith.

Feeling sad today? Well “you just need to have more faith!”

As a result of that underlying value system, it always felt out of place and embarrassing to talk about negative feelings and inward struggles. You could try, but it often resulted in strange looks and people responding in either a tone of pity, or a condescending tone with implications that you were less spiritual and therefore inferior to the rest of the pack.

Instead of finding help and relationship from the people I looked to for those things, I often found guilt which resulted in self-hatred, because I was convinced the problem was just who I was and how I was born. But deep down I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling alone, and I decided that if I couldn’t find anyone else to speak honestly about those things and create a safe environment for others, I would create that environment myself.

Thus, To The Hopeless was born.

Raw, unfiltered honesty is the driving force behind my music. Nothing is considered too sacred a topic to touch. From the very beginning, my main priority was to be completely open and honest. I didn’t want a “wholesome Christian” filter on my music because life doesn’t always make you feel wholesome, and chanting Bible verses doesn’t always fix the problem.

My main priority is to write things people can relate to.

Through my music I want to invite people in for connection and conversation about thoughts, feelings and issues that have made them feel cast aside or of lesser value than those who seemingly have it all together.

About Set Sail

It’s easy to sense the experiential pain and frustration that inspired To The Hopeless’ debut album. Set Sail opens with a heartfelt plea to oneself to remember who they are apart from the overwhelming hopelessness they feel. With catchy vocals and the rhythmic guitars in Arrows, the second track of the album, Daniel addresses the short-lived infatuation that’s so often found in relationships today. “If a friendship could die as quickly as a bullet takes a life, then I propose to you that it was never really alive.” Gone Astray covers the aftermath of questioning ones own religious beliefs, and how quickly one can become a heretic in the eyes of those who aggressively defend their dogma and refuse to ask hard questions. Whether you agree with the sentiments or not, one thing is for certain in Set Sail – Daniel refuses to hold anything back when expressing the feelings he’s gained from experiences with love, loss and religion.

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