Disclaimer: This is the part where I ask for your money. If you’re offended by that, I understand! I too once sat in the pews clenching my wallet and labeling the man on stage a “greedy money-grubber” who only preached the gospel for profit, so I could feel better about my own stinginess. And until I understood that money works for me and I don’t work for money, I was even afraid to have a “support” page on my sites.

But I’ve had to face the reality that it takes money to live, and it takes money to accomplish things. Your contribution helps me do both for the ministry and the kingdom.

I don’t need your money. God is my father and I will be provided for whether you give freely or cling greedily. I will move “from glory to glory” with or without you, and the kingdom will advance with or without your contribution. However if you would like to participate in this work we are doing and plant seed into good soil that will produce a good harvest, you can do so on this page, and it is very much appreciated!


Patreon LogoThe first option is for monthly donations on Patreon. This is an on-going crowd-fund campaign and will help us continue our work. There are special benefits to being a patron, such as an exclusive Patreon news feed with updates, posts, etc.

Monthly Donations through Patreon

One-Time Donation

The second option is a one-time donation through paypal. It doesn’t have the same benefits as Patreon, but it benefits the work we are doing just the same!

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