Welcome to the Brand New Site!

by | Jun 9, 2016 | All Posts, News

Welcome To The New Site

One of the main reasons I created this site is because I wanted something more specific to me, where I could write about a wide variety of topics and not have the theme of the website be automatically implied based on the domain name, like it was with Saints Not Sinners.

I could have shared something like my music on SNS, but it wouldn’t have made as much sense in the context of the site’s theme because people go in expecting to see topics about saints and sin–which is what they get. It felt very out of place there. Here it’s just an extension of “D. R. Silva” and the things he creates to encourage people.

The benefit of that is that I can be a lot more personal because I’m not always trying hard to stay on a specific theme, or feeling weird if I stray from that theme.

What About Saints Not Sinners?

Good news for those who are fans of Saints Not Sinners: it will be up and functioning again within the next few weeks. I’m currently in the process of reorganizing and prioritizing posts and pages to make navigation much smoother, And it will be a much better experience for everyone!

Keeping These Sites Functional

A little over 2 years ago (shortly after the release of Hyper-Grace), I began cutting down heavily on posting at SaintsNotSinners.org. There were a lot of factors into why I cut back on writing. I won’t go into all of them, but the main one was a lack of funding.

Building and maintaining a website costs a lot of money. Unfortunately for me, I’ve never been keen on “selling the gospel,” which means I’ve lost a lot of money by giving all of my time and work away for free. That’s a personal decision I made a long time ago and I don’t have regrets about it in the context of the message, but eventually it meant I had to spend more time working a job to pay bills, and that meant less time I could spend supporting others and helping them renew their mind.

You might have noticed I now have a very obvious link where you can help support the sites. Your support not only keeps them online, but enables me to spend more time populating them with helpful content that has changed the perspective of countless people for the better, and will continue to do so for a long time to come!

Your support isn’t required, but I do appreciate the help. I love to share these things that keep people encouraged in times of trouble and give them a perspective of themselves, God and the rest of humanity that they haven’t considered before. I’d like to be able to do that a lot more than I’ve been able to over the past couple of years, and your support will allow me to.

If you’re interested in helping out and participating in these wonderful things I get to do, you can find out more about that below.

Become a Patron


Overall, I’m excited to have this fresh start on an all new platform, and I can’t wait to share all of the encouraging things I’ve been discovering, and I’m sure it will fill your mind with good things that will keep you motivated and excited to be alive!

With that, welcome to the new site – let’s get this thing going!