I’m excited to announce my debut album from 2012, Set Sail, has been remastered and released to a long list of digital distributors around the world, including CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, AmazonMp3, and more!

(Please note that the album has been delivered to all distributors, but it hasn’t yet been published to all stores (6/5/2016))

Below is a short description of the album.

It’s easy to sense the experiential pain and frustration that inspired To The Hopeless’ debut album. Set Sail opens with a heartfelt plea to oneself to remember who they are apart from the overwhelming hopelessness they feel. With catchy vocals and the rhythmic guitars in Arrows, the second track of the album, Daniel addresses the short-lived infatuation that’s so often found in relationships today. “If a friendship could die as quickly as a bullet takes a life, then I propose to you that it was never really alive.” Gone Astray covers the aftermath of questioning ones own religious beliefs, and how quickly one can become a heretic in the eyes of those who aggressively defend their dogma and refuse to ask hard questions. Whether you agree with the sentiments or not, one thing is for certain in Set Sail – Daniel refuses to hold anything back when expressing the feelings he’s gained from experiences with love, loss and religion.

Set Sail was originally recorded, mixed and mastered over the course of 3 months in the Summer of 2012. It was released exclusively through Bandcamp. Now it has been remastered and re-released on a global scale, to reach and inspire as many people as possible.

You can buy Set Sail below:

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